About Us

“Dr. Arunava Datta after completing his MBBS ,was fascinated by the the workings of the mind and the brain.
This spurred him to do his Junior Residency in Neurology from IHBAS , Delhi where his interests further increased. In pursuit of further training and specialisation , he commenced his MD in Neuropsychiatry from Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati.
During his time as a Postgraduate student , Dr. Arunava Datta became the first psychiatry resident ever to receive a financial grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India to conduct research on ” The Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Dementia in NorthEastern India”..After his senior residency,Dr Arunava Datta returned to his hometown,Siliguri where he started providing quality and wholesome psychiatric care .
Dr Arunava Datta is associated with “Shanti Mindcare Pvt Ltd” which is a new age company which aims to deliver world class comprehensive and holistic Psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation at an affordable price to the people of Eastern India “

The doctor helps in dealing with the following problems

  • Deaddiction of alcohol and drugs like Heroin,Brown sugar,nitrazepam,codein syrups,cocaine ,tablets ,etc.
  • Non communicable sexual disorders such as erectile problems ,premature ejaculation and reduced sexual disorders.
  • Frequent loss of temper,breaking things in anger ,irritability ,quarreling over small issues,physically & verbally abusive ,excessive talking,inability to sleep at night,boastfulness,spending excessively,grandiose talking,being excessive happy without any reason,gambling
  • Irrelevant talking,hearing voices not heard by others,fearfulness,suspiciousness,feeling upon being spied upon,withdrawn to self,talking to self,disrobing in inappropriate places ,feeling of being contolled by someone else
  • Inability to concentrate,feeling of inner restlessness,forgetfulness,sudden onset breathing difficulty,giddiness,feeling dizzy,frequent loss of consciousness,lack of confidence,lack of self esteem,multiple unexplained pain all over the body,worrying unnecessarily.
  • Frequent repeated thoughts,pulling out of hair ,frequent twitches of eyes and mouth muscles
  • Low mood ,lethargic feeling,feeling sad ,not wanting to do work,not enjoying previously enjoyable activities ,hopelessness,helplessness,worthlessness,suicidal ideation,getting tired easily
  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia,excessive sleepiness,nightmares,etc
  • Old age behavioural problems like forgetfulness and agitation
  • Childhood problems such as mental retardation ,hyperactivity,deficits of attention,
    Headaches of all kinds
  • Sezures and fits of all kinds